Sellics: The Best All-in-One Tool

Sellics is a versatile software intended to help Amazon sellers and vendors to analyze their product listings to increase sales. It is indispensable as it can be a reliable aid that helps sellers at various phases of their business. It can also help sellers select products, monitor purchases, and check their inventory. You can select books, monitor competitors purchases and estimate books sales. Hop over IO Scout guide about how to sell books on Amazon, to become an Amazon ninja seller!

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What is Sellics?

Sellics is versatile software intended particularly for Amazon’s sellers and retailers. It is one of the Amazon’s FBA keys with functions and features that assist sellers manage the aspects of all selling process.

It offers sellers quick and effective solutions for keyword rank, analytics, product and profit tracking, SEO and listing optimization, inventory organization, and more.

Sellics offers about 5 analytics tools for vendors and sellers working on Amazon in just one package. It has two versions: the seller version and the vendor one. This review is intended basically to describe the Seller version and its features.

Sellics Pricing

The whole Sellics pricing plan includes multiple price fixes according to the number of yearly sales on Amazon’s different marketplaces. As for the Seller Edition, the monthly pricing scheme varies from $57 to $317 until now. This price scheme mainly depends on the seller’s intention whether they search for plans on a monthly, a biannual, or an annual base.

Sellics price plan also recommends products to vendors. In this case, the price starts at $149. This price counts on the components covered, such as:

·       Buy Box,

·        AMS campaigns,

·       customer feedbacks and reviews, etc.

However, Sellics price scheme utilizes a varying pricing pattern that is based on the quantity of items a vendor sells. For instance, should the volume of items or products rangers from $500 to $30,000, Sellics charges the seller about $33 per month.

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Sellics Products

Sellers always try hard to make sure that their investments are intended to knock at the doors of profit. They try to secure their investments as much as they can.

Sellics Amazon offers you unsurpassed product research on the Internet. In fact, it enables you to detect which products sells the best to guarantee to overcome all selling obstacles, and to exceed challenges and competition. This software has a variety of uses;

(1) It could give you an excess to more than 10,000 best-selling items in all Amazon marketplaces.

(2) This helps you build a panel by category, which displays the number of sellers of a specific product> consequently, you will be able to make the best decision.

(3) It offers sellers the “Spy Tool” that helps sellers track sales quantity of a specific product. Hence, you will not make any mistake that may affect your sales of the product negatively.

The account of Sellics Seller Edition leads to the page of product detector. On this page, the navigation bar guides you to switch between the niche analyzer on one hand and the product detector on the other.

The remaining features are existing in a drop down menu. When you open it, you will be presented to all the following features.

Seller Edition

The Seller Edition (SE) is planned entirely for Amazon sellers who utilize the Seller Central Interface. This program gets all the seller’s bases to be included when it comes to running their direct-to-customers sales in all Amazon markets.

·        PPC Manger

In order to do good for all your businesses on Amazon and earn good profits, you need to perform convenient ads. Using PPC Manager tool, you will be capable of saving both time and effort, managing all your automated ads. Here is what PPC Manager can do:

– Increasing the keyword bid at the time the Advertising Cost of Sale is low, while lowering it once the Advertising Cost of Sale is high.

– What is more important is pausing keyword bidding in case it is unprofitable.

– Tracking your campaign proceedings and offering a visual of your KPIS (e.g. CPC, cost, revenue, etc.).

– Helping optimize campaigns for profit through showing the details of your campaign’s history.

·        Review Management

All sellers know well that managing the review procedures is very important to their sales. It leads to recognizing negative reviews submitted by customers or any other Amazon reviews. Hence, you can take quick actions in response to such negative reviews to protect your product against getting low.

Another reason why managing the review is important is that it assists you develop your copywriting. When getting through the customers’ positive reviews, you may notice some invaluable data that can be helpful in case if it is added to the listing.

·        Inventory Control 

Sellers recognize that running out of stock during the selling process is harmful to their businesses and income. Inventory Control ensures that such a mistake will never occur.

This could happen through entering the time limit for each product, then letting the system provide you with the best date to re-order for each date founded on the velocity of sales and the time of implementation.

·        Ranking Optimization

Most Amazon customers usually do not pass more than 2 or 3 pages searching for products to buy. Almost every Amazon review confirms this piece of information.

Therefore, if your product does not appear on one of these pages, you will not have the prospect to sell it.

Nevertheless, with ranking optimization, you will be harnessed to look for keywords your customers always use when searching for new products on amazon.

·        Competitor Monitoring

One important factor that enhances and improves selling a product is monitoring competitors.

  1. This element offers you the prospect to observe your competitors’ products, goods, and even prices.
  2. Furthermore, you will be able to check your BuyBox share for the last thirty days.
  3. It will give you significant alerts through e-mail in case other sellers try to connect their products with yours unrightfully.

  Vendor Edition

Vendor Edition is considered the second important tool that offers the following features:

·        Improve Product Visibility

There is a close link between both keyword optimization and product visibility. So, improving product visibility is the primary approach to reviewing and checking your content to decide on possible areas of optimization.

Once this is completed, the Vendor Edition will thoroughly research the keyword to identify which keywords you are to employ to optimize your product programs for a much better optimization and visibility.

·        Retail Analysis

Like Sellics Sonar, this feature offers you a better opportunity to understand your sales and revenue development in Amazon marketplaces. Via Sellics Chrome Extension, you are capable of pulling your Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) and Amazon Retail Analytics Premium (ARAP) information on Amazon. This enables you to make comparisons between sell-out and sell-in data.

·        Buy Box Monitoring

Buy Box monitoring basic advantage is to tell you whether Amazon is missing out on the Buy Box or running out of stock. Consequently, you will take prompt and appropriate measures to avoid any loss.

·        Review Management

Vendor Edition will give you the opportunity to verify Amazon customers’ reviews, particularly negative ones, so that you can control your products well. Thus, you will maintain the reputation of your brand against any sort of damage.

Vendor Edition (VE) helps you track all customers’ reviews and questions concerning your product and informs you through e-mail messages.

Agency Edition

The main aim of Amazon’s Agency Edition (AE) software is to offer agencies working in its marketplaces the opportunity to manage both seller and vendor accounts. This helps those agencies take appropriate care of both vendors and sellers.

This program displays amazon aggregated customer data and gives you enhanced access controls and SEO simplification among many others while receiving high level expert support. Thus, you can exert more efforts.

To make good use of Sellics, you have to choose the accurate edition according to your seller profile. Working on Amazon, you sell straightforwardly to customers through the central seller or vend your goods to Amazon on a central seller proposed by Amazon itself.

  1. Amazon advertising: Automates the bidding process and generates inclusive reports so that you can boost spending on your customers.
  2. Client management: makes managing various customers easier.
  3. Customer support: helps you get in touch with many experts who work with both sellers and vendors when you need this.
  4. Collected data: Keeps all pertinent data in one place. Such data include customer reviews and buy box sharing.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is a very huge world marketplace where buyers, sellers, and agencies may find some difficulties when trying to buy or sell products. Therefore, Selling their could involve many complex processes. So what if you were a new seller or vendor and had no idea how to work on the Amazon marketplace with its many sophisticated tools and software?

This article will be very necessary for you if you are used to collecting your analytics and items into one place. You will recognize that sellics is impressive in putting together all your work in one place to assist you analyze and correct it continuously.


How can I cancel Sellics account?

In case you have a trial account, it needs not subscription. The account will run out at the end of the trial period. If you have a paid account, it can be cancelled at any time through “Account Management”. The button is at the top right hand. Then, you will click on “Terminate”.

Can I use the Sellics trial?

Yes, you can. During the trial stage all of the Sellics’ functions are available to you. Consequently, you will be able to utilize all those functions and take your decision whether you will use the software and benefit from its functions or not.

How can I reach Sellics Customer Support?

You can get in touch with Sellics Customer Support without difficulty. The fastest way to reach them is by using the Messenger. It is located in the bottom right corner. But in the Vendor Edition, it is located in the bottom left corner.

Is Sellics secure?

Of course, it is. Your data security and privacy is very significant to Amazon. They are conscious of the accountability that comes along with managing your personal and economic information and make substantial efforts to fulfill the main requirements.

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