Jungle Scout Review: Is it Still the Best?

Jungle Scout Extension Lite

Every time you search online for a product research tool, you will also end up noticing a mention of Jungle Scout . For a long time, Amazon sellers relied on it for product research. To many conservatives, it is still significant to them. This brings the question of whether it is still the best for niche and product research. Here is a review of the product to help you decide.

Jungle Scout Story

This tool is the brainchild of Amazon guru, George Mercer. Mercer built this tool as a chrome extension to support his product research. Later it became commercial and accessible to anyone. So far, Jungle Scout allows people to research for quality product keywords, get in-depth information about competitors, and predict sales profits. The tool exhibits multiple significant features below.

Characteristics of Jungle Scout

This Amazon research tool for over five years since its creation in 2015 built a reputation around the impressive capabilities of its features. Its features are namely:

  • Keyword Scout

Amazon is like a search engine, people will type queries and in turn, get information. The difference is that for Amazon, you will search for the product by typing a single word. The result will be a page with the product or related products. Keywords can make your product show up on this page. Keyword Scout will tell the keywords used by buyers frequently for you to use. It will also give keyword relevancy and allow you to save money pay per click campaigns.

  • Niche Hunter

Amazon usually categorizes its products. Any product you list on Amazon will go its most relevant product category. Your real competition is in that one category, not in the whole marketplace. Your goal is to ensure that you choose a category that will be more profitable. Hunter is the product that offers you a full analysis of your product category. Information offered includes the product’s average price, the category, the opportunity score, the score of your listing quality, and competition. Hunter allows you to save money because you only invest in a profit-potential niche.

  • Product Database

This feature gives you a list of all the products on Amazon, an amount that nears millions of products. Looking at the list may discourage you, but Jungle Scout Product Database comes with filters to help you make thought out analyses. For instance, you can search for highly profitable products with less competition. This process is quicker and cost-saving.

  • Product Tracker

You need to be well aware of the product you wish to list. The goal of having an Amazon business is to make money. The best way of knowing a product is profitable is through its price. Product tracker allows you to understand the price changes the product went through to its current position. Jungle Scout product tracker allows us to also look at reviews made by purchasers of the product online. Moreover, you will know the availability of the product by checking the amount of stock available. This feature allows you to make data-driven choices about the product before ordering and to list it online.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout


  • Easy to use: understandable features that function properly. The manual is also easy to use
  • Excellent customer support: 24/7 customer service and quick responses to inquiry
  • Accurate estimations: Jungle scout offers close to accurate predictions


  •  Costly monthly plan for Jungle Scout extension and web app

What is Jungle Scout Pricing

The cost of Jungle Scout varies based on whether you will want an extension or not. Payment plans are either monthly or annually. The tool on its own on a monthly charge costs $49. The tool plus extension will cost you $69. The extension alone costs $39. An annual rate will be $468, $588, and $288 for the tool alone, the tool with extension, and extension alone, respectively.


There are many tools out there that serve the purpose of product research. Jungle Scout has, for many years, been a reliable source. The tool has also changed greatly alongside other tools. Its benefits are numerous, and it remains a relevant gem in product research, as demonstrated in this Jungle Scout Review . All you need to do is to subscribe to yours based on the nature of business and budget, go through its manual, and you are good to go.

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